Question marks are spread across the participants’ foreheads as the theme of this year´s Global Sustainability Jam is revealed on Friday evening. Four footprints with numbers on them, and a fifth footprint exiting the screen. You can literally see what is on everyone´s mind: This is what we´re supposed to be talking about for one weekend? Is this really what we signed up for?


Not even 48 hours later, the question marks have been replaced by wide smiles. Each of the three teams is proud of their achievement in such a short amount of time (rightly so!). Despite the very heterogeneous setting regarding age, profession or jam experience, we managed to form a passionate, committed team. This is what Design Thinking and especially the spirit of the Jam is all about. In the end, most people were exhausted, but sad to say goodbye to the now familiar faces. The SAP AppHaus was surely a beneficial space for creating positive vibes amongst all participants.


The final prototypes ranged from a gamified approach for socializing people with Asperger syndrome (Team “Heart Your Feet”), a food truck delivering healthy meals and offering cooking courses from children to parents and employees (Team “The Jaminators”) to an International Welcome Center for immigrant families including an idea incubator (Team “Rethink Butterfly Elephant”).


Thank you all for your creative contribution to the success of Heidelberg´s second Sustainability Jam. See you next year!