The first evening of the jam almost turned into the first night spent together, since the front doors of the building were locked and the group did not find its way out. It would have been interesting to see what creative ideas float around at night time, but luckily there was a well hidden emergency exit that we could take in the end. So the Heidelberg jammers did not have to spend the night together just yet…

These are our teams (although not everyone was there on Friday yet!):

Team 1 – the Jaminators


Team 2 – Heart your Feet


Team 3 – Rethink butterfly elephant


Today, our morning began with a Skype call to Lithuania. We will continuously share our insights with them during the day and probably also establish a Nürnberg-Heidelberg connection.

Currently, everyone is out and about doing research and trying to come back with interesting, surprising and insightful user stories. We´re excited to see the results!