A little more than two weeks ago, my colleague Mauro Rego, who organized last year´s Sustainability Jam Heidelberg, approached me.

He quickly convinced me to host the second jam in Heidelberg, after boasting about the creative energy flows on the jam weekend.

Although there were several constraints, amongst limited preparation time was the most difficult ones to face, I am glad I said “yes”!

Together with my fellow organizers, we can´t wait for the SusJamHD to start in a little more than 9 hours. We are excited to meet the future jammers at 5 p.m. and kick-off a highly productive, interactive, fun, noisy, design-thinkish weekend.

If you use twitter, save the hashtag #GSusJAM. It is our main way to communicate with the rest of the world.

See you so very soon,