Good Morning Jammers!

First of all, I am really happy to have you guys on board. Really. Thanks for commit yourself to this event.

I am writing you to say welcome :D and to prepare you to what is coming: 48hours of intense work and fun.

We start the Jam at 6 pm. on Friday (22nd, also known as “tomorrow”). There will be some soup and beer. Get ready to talk and interact a bit. There will be only 20 people. So, make sure that you have talked with everyone.

If you have Wigs, carnival costumes, rubber animals, funny toys that makes noise, bring it on. It will be extremely helpful during the event. (I am serious).

If you use twitter, save the hashtag #GSusJAM It is our main way to communicate with the rest of the world.

Please, get familiar with this platform http://planet.globalsustainabilityjam.org/jammers

If you have any trouble, call me 01741758453

Please, do not drop out. :-) We are tight in people and each one of you are REALLY important to make this jam happens.


Love and see you tomorrow,

Mauro Rego