Just over an hour till the teams present their projects and the AppHaus is abuzz with people making videos, taking photos, finalizing website designs, making models and mock-ups. Today the teams have done some intense prototyping and are feeling proud of their work.

Here are some observations from the SAP AppHaus team and the participants:

Heike van Geel, organizer: “What an atmosphere! In less than 48 hours, we created a new family here. I am always impressed when I observe how people turn into a family and create dynamics. In families you have to overcome tension and differences, which is good, because it allows you to thrive and create something new. I have seen lots of passion and commitment to deliver something, anxiety and excitement amongst the teams to show what they have created, as well as their hope that other people will build on that. One highlight has been connecting virtually to other locations. I also noticed that the physical warm-upsreally helped people get into it.”skype

 Laurent Pallefoort, head of food: “People were very engaged and involved. The mood was really good in the AppHaus. People stayed late after hours, and I think it was  because of the warm atmosphere. I enjoyed cooking the food. I noticed people are very engaged with the sustainability topic and like making something tangible.”

Anna Regner, participant: “First thing is that is interesting to work with so many different people, differentfrom the people I meet in my daily life. The workshop will help me try to get another point of view when starting work on a problem. I enjoyed learning how to use design thinking in a practical way.”

Karen Detken, organizer: “I liked the motivation of the people, how they were motived by their own ideas. We had no drop outs. We didn’t need to push them to focus. They did it alone because they were motivated.”

Mauro Rego, organizer: “I was surprised by the energy of the participants. I was not expecting that much engagement and enthusiasm. They really embraced the idea, got engaged. No-one was not having fun or unhappy.The attendance was better than expected – in fact, we had the perfect number of people to make it cozy. I am really happy about how people engaged with the prototyping; that was amazing.”

Jochen Koop, participant: “I enjoyed it very much. What I learned is that works to give people enough room for their own creativity. Mauro did a good job. He didn’t lead too much, but gave them a little push and then said walk on your own. It was fascinating to me that the topic was not the main topic. It was more about the creativity and the process. If you get the right people, in the right place, in right mood, they will be able to create worlds.”jamming

Alina Schmid: “I have so many impressions, I can’t process it all. I will remember the amazing people, from different backgrounds and how much I enjoyed talking to them. I learned that everyone can change something and create something. I am not new to design thinking, but one thing that stood out for me was the idea of acting not talking -this is really helpful, otherwise you just get stuck and don’t really progress.”

Nicolas Comment: “For me it was new to work in a space like this, surrounded by new ideas, books, and all these decorations. It was interesting to learn how to find new ideas. You put people together for a weekend and see that they can create and discover something new.”