After breakfast, local Heidelberg agency Kontext Kommunikation (KK) introduced their work, including the popular sustainability magazine Enorm. Kontext Kommunikation focuses largely on sustainability communications projects for their customers. What is unusual about Enorm is that instead of responding to a customer need, the agency started the publication itself. “It was our goal to take the message outwards,” Susanne explained.

 Enorm was first published in 2010 with four print editions. It now has five print editions, with a print run of 35,000 and 10,000 subscribers. It focuses on sustainability topics in the areas of business, politics and society, and consumer issues. Susanne Jung and Patrick Hubbuch from KK encouraged Jammers to submit any sustainability projects to their editorial team for publication.


 enorm 1enorm 2

In 2014, the agency will relaunch the Enorm website, which will function as a forum for sustainability co-operation. “It will be a think tank for organizations and individuals interested in sustainability issues,” she said.

The team also introduced the wide variety of publications that they work on with their customers. “The idea of sustainability is not a new one, but it is growing and our network is extremely active and Europe-wide,” she said. Recent research shows that over 18,000 million people in Germany identify themselves as actively interested in sustainability issues, and take responsibility for pursuing sustainability in their lives.